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Happy staff makes a happy business which eventually leads to an improved profit. We call this the HHP Effect. Where, H stands for happy staff and happy business respectively and the P is the overall profit outcome.


We ensure that new skills and Knowledge are learnt and existing skills and knowledge are enhanced and updated.


The confidence level of a trained staff is always palpable and their eagerness and sense of belonging will ultimately lead to an excellent performance.
Shared learning amongst staff is enhanced, team work will improve and a happier work environment is achieved.


About us

EtiNard Consulting is a consulting firm set to serve, work, motivate and train individuals and organisation to move from their point of potential to goal actualization. We are a development and training company that help one identify their Mojo, their strength while motivating them to get and remain at the peak of excellence. Ours at EtiNard is to stir people up to look inward and help them attain excellence in both their individual life as well as their work life. As we know and believe strongly that every individual and organization at large has what it takes to get to their peak of excellence. We help and work with organization to stir up such potential and turn same to actual. As the saying goes Potential is interesting but Performance is everything. It is your Business Performance Excellence (BPE), EtiNard is after. In the long run we hope that all and who we meet don’t just stay inspired but remain same and also become a source of inspiration to many.

What our clients say

Etinard Consultants take the time and care to get to know your company culture, and work with that to effect the changes necessary to reduce OWC. They handled a project with us that covered not just the complexities of NIGERIA, but also our complete operations. Miracles don’t happen, change is a tough process, but can be made easier when you have the right data, the right training, and the confidence that Etinard Consultants brings.

James Stevens Developer@iDevWorks

The benefit of having an Etinard consultant is that they can point out where communication breakdowns exist in your company, and not embarrass you with that, but empower you to change that behavior. Etinard consultant uses tools and models that not only challenge mental models, but are geared toward making the changes possible. Etinard consultant provides the legitimacy for making these changes, their experience gives confidence in challenging the existing relationships.

John Maxwell MD@MannaMartLtd