The Little Pink Top

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A Pink dress or top is a must-have for most little girls. Pink they say is girlie and a girl’s wardrobe is not complete without it. My daughter is a girlie-pink top girl. She adorns her pink top with so much swag and panache like the world is her audience.
Anyway, my daughter isn’t the point of reference in this write up, neither is her top but the inscription on one of her favourite pink top is.
The little pink top has inscribed on it: Follow your dream, they know the way.
I have read that inscription several times without understanding It’s import. I have also seen it without those words resonating with me.
Yet the inscription is boldly written, bold enough for everyone to read, understand and hopefully appreciate.
I now realise that understanding involves the mind and heart while reading can be superficially done. On the other hand, a message resonates with you when it strikes a chord in you.
So, it was with me and this inscription, having read it repeatedly without the necessary import or impact of the message.
The scenario however changed recently when I read the same message, this time with full understanding and appreciation because those words resonated deeply with me and my experience. Reading it this time left me with smiles and so much excitement.
Here is why- When I left corporate employment, it was a huge risk. There wasn’t really a clear-cut path or road map but there was a destination and passion to get to that destination. So, I calculated the risk and decided to go with the urge in me to follow my dream.
That passion pulled me out towards the dream and the dream towards paths and relationship that adds up to the destination. Some event and happenings that weren’t in the equation whilst considering my exit have unfolded and added up to what I call the dream destination. Now the picture is getting bigger and the path getting clearer.
Dreams are powerful especially when they are God Given Dreams (GGD) and God Driven as well. They are potent, they beget passion that drives you to the right crowd, the right setting, right connection and right people. Dreams are Enigmas-they may seem mysterious but they sure know their path.
Dare your fear, follow your dream and make the world your audience…your audience awaits you and your bold step.
I have done mine, don’t be scared to do yours?

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