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Two words with the same pronunciation but different meaning…isn’t that what is called homophone?
You may ask the relationship between these words. I know this isn’t an English or phonetic class.
Let’s try some definition
Raining: Water condensed in atmospheric vapour and falls in drops.
Reigning: Occupying the throne, ruling.
Really these words have different meaning and do not have any similarities in meaning.
However. Raining in this context refers to issues of life that comes in torrent and that is seemingly unleashed at about the same time. This life scenario often leaves one dumbfounded, hopeless and even helpless. Such times could be very difficult and indeed trying for anyone…. especially when one is drenched in despair.
Allow me to give a flicker of hope to those passing through such difficult period. When enlisted for reigning, raining sometimes bring its ugly head. Sometimes, it comes to test us and our faith, other times, it will be to fortify and prepare us for a great blessing ahead.
It could be that you are being tested to be trusted in your reign period. Remember, tested leaders always become trusted leaders.
Here are a few tips to follow when it comes raining:
• Never lose sight of your big picture whilst it’s raining, calm down, ask for grace and do not deter in doing good but be determined to win good…. Just be perspective.
• Weed away what deters progress and fertilize the soil of your soul with the manure of the word of God.
• Be ready to Exhale what GOD has inhaled in you to encourage others when you have passed through your raining period.
• Have faith in God and be rest assured that the period will pass.
Remember, you need your faith intact to pass from one level of test to another. Faith has embedded in it: Boldness and Righteousness. Faith also has Genius. You are a Genius too, set up to Reign boldly.

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