It is our pleasure to introduce our 2019 training courses as well as their objectives with you. These training topics are poised at Inspiring and enhancing the learning development strategy for your team.

We have in recent past organized and facilitated such training programs achieving our interactive, educative and engaging (IEE) mantra which always leave our participants poised and prepared for great business opportunities ahead.

Every of our engagement is aimed at Stirring Up the Can-Do Spirit and the great potential that everyone possesses. This we believe will sharpen the saw, rejuvenate the mind and get the team ready to achieve the set goal/budget of the new year.
Our carefully selected training topics which will be facilitated by Leading Resource Person is below for your kind attention.


a. 2019 Economic Outlook reveals great potential and opportunity for the industry. This training will analyze the Financial Industry with attention to the Insurance Industry; the Economic outlook taking the global, regional and national imperative as well as the trend, opportunities and threat that exist. This Training is set to stimulate marketing strategies towards new development now prevalent in the financial industry.

b. It is an eye-opening session that will also reveal the low hanging fruits and opportunities that exist therein.b)

The 6 BIG Question: This is our well-curated training that is set to trigger the mind in the right direction and stir up new thinking and an innovative way of getting today’s job done.



The best Strategy is called to question without execution of same. This session looks detailed at the best approach strategizing and executing same. It brings in winning and great strategies to bear in this session.


Assertiveness is the quality of being self-assured and confident without being aggressive. This is a learnable skill and mode of communication. Our training will show the balance of assertiveness, aggressive and passive and the interplay of all three.

Becoming the leader that Connects the dots and Negotiate the Deal. Today’s environment is brash, brawny and exceptionally competitive. This training will teach on connecting the dots and negotiating assertively.


The training will empower our participants to Understand themselves, their prows and assertiveness level. Understand others, their personality and their needs. Adapt with others and Connect powerfully with them. In more contemporary terms, we will educate them to win than to win others in. It will avail the skills to maintaining an appropriate balance between passivity and aggression- This approach gets the work done. Negotiation skills that connects and define a long-lasting relationship will also be learnt and practicalized.


Brand Management.

Personal branding is described as the brand that is built around a person and his/her career. What an Individual stand for and the charisma exuded are the Stand-out attribute in this individual sphere of influence or work place. This is what makes him/her a Go-To Person and then a Go-To Brand. Exuding their personality in their brand can make the brand an avoidable one or an exceptional one. The attribute that defines Excellence and Proficiency will be learnt organization.

This training will highlight the following:
  1. Self-Leadership
  2. People Leadership
  3. Leading the Business
  4. Customers Perception
  5. Projecting the Professional Brand.

The Objective of this Module is to train and work with the team to
  • Understanding brand management
  • Managing your brand reputation
  • The principle of positioning
  • Understanding brand equity
  • Brand personality, Brand personality,
  • Differentiation and Relevance
  • Understanding brand assets – logos, taglines, colours.
  • Develop Self Confidence
  • Become Self Aware
  • Build Positive image.
  • Project the charismatic image that leave the right impression.
  • Become Perspective and have business/customers insight.
  • Maximize their Strength/Potential

Customer Centric Matrix
Our Training Matrix that looks at the Customer and the skills required for building Customers Loyalty. This Module is ideal for every business that deals with customers and intend on attracting more
How to attain an appropriate balance than can win those customers and keep them.
The training will highlight the following area
  • Understanding The customer
  • Appreciating their needs
  • Meeting and surpassing their expectation
  • The Act of Creating Customers experience

The outcome of this training will be evident in:

  • Attaining the Marketing Skills that is effective and efficient at the same time.
  • Improved Customer service skill.
  • Increased Customer satisfaction and Brand loyalty.
  • Customer Service excellence.
  • Achieving Returning and then Referring Customers.

New and Innovative way of connecting with your clients.


Culture-The key to a Company’s Long-Term Success (LTS).

Undoubtedly, Culture is the backbone of any world class organization. It is the way People (Who) do things and Why-termed the Who and Why. Peter Drucker said, Culture will eat strategy up for breakfast. Culture helps in achieving strategies and not the enemy of strategy.
This teaching will help achieve how culture can be used as a competitive advantage.
The ultimate objective of Customer centric service company like yours will be to inculcate and embed Culture that is People and Relationship focused.
The Training Content is as below:
  • Workplace environment- the Sane Place for Creativity and Serenity.
  • Having Employee Rowing the Oars in the same direction.
  • Maximizing your defined and unique company identity.
  • Maximizing the Vibrant and efficacious nature of your brand.
  • Having that Paradigm shift that sets you apart.

Culture is the heart of any organization and employee can heartily follow through the tone set for them.
Excellence (according to Aristotle) is not an act but a habit. This last module is will be looking at those habits that can make or mar or professionalism, the act of operational excellence and the act of carrying out the day’s activities effectively and efficiently.
This session will be the wrap of all sessions and it will be with focus on “Living the Professional Culture”. It will highlight training on:
  • Self-Leadership.
  • Time Management
  • Business Etiquette and Civility.

The training objectives are:
To Master the act of Focus and the act of Managing the day’s activities effectively.
  • Learning on Time Management.
  • Learnings on interacting with difficult people
  • Knowledge on the cost and benefit of uncivil/civil act.

  • Appreciating and Maintaining the Professional Brand that connects.


Experience is simply defined as an Event or Occurrence which leaves an impression on someone.

Making that positive lasting impression is another way of influencing someone consciously or unconsciously.

Our impression matters because it establishes trust with others.”

This training is centred around making that lingering impression with customers, the effective Customer Service that will invariably achieve turning a returning customer to a referring customer. This Module will be focusing on the following areas:

  • Customer Service,
  • Interpersonal Relationship,
  • Telephone Etiquette,
  • Dealing with aggressive customer.
  • Mix between User, Customer and Brand experience

  • Studies have shown that customer experience training is one of the most crucial training programs for every organization who works with people and provide services for people like CHI.

    This training will use practical example that will hone the skill of your team, so they can manage internal and external customer’s expectations seamlessly and build customers loyalty in the long run.

    Training Outcome:
    The outcome of this training will be evident in:

    • Improved self-confidence, confidence in any individual is an alluring effect that can create a long-lasting effect.
    • Improved Customer service skill and acquire new ones.
    • Increased Customer satisfaction and Brand loyalty.
    • Customer Service excellence. How to deliver customer service to today’s busy world.
    • Becoming a Worthy Brand Ambassador of your company
    • The Emergence of the Professional Service Manager. (PSM)


The training courses have two module each. Practical Methodology, Case Studies and hands-on activities that will engage and educate our participants will be used for all session.

It will be our pleasure to partner with you in this learning development program that will leave your team totally inspired and mentally energized to achieve great stride and the corporate goal and objectives in the new year.
Please feel free to communicate or clarify with the undersign for any detail you might require.